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Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity challenges not only put sensitive data at risk but can also cost a business time, revenue and resources. No one is immune to data loss incidents, and no one is better equipped than CFONE to help your business identify and close gaps that put your organization’s information security at risk. Our expertise is in mitigating security threats.

We build, secure and operate enterprise-class information technology systems for federal, state and local governments as well as commercial clients. Our engineers, analysts, compliance experts and project management team work together with our client’s stakeholders to implement solutions that streamline, optimize and maximize business performance and yields. Our technical expertise, in-depth understanding of the IT landscape, tailored approach to service delivery and demonstrated track record strongly position us to help our customers meet or exceed their mission objectives.

Technical Capabilities

We help our clients achieve and maintain system security compliance with regulations and guidelines from:
  • DISA and DoD
  • HIPAA (Privacy and HITECH)
  • Privacy Act
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
  • SOX (IT Controls)

Core Services

We assemble teams of analysts, certified assessment professionals, auditors, network engineers, technical writers, database engineers, application architects, and technical project managers to deliver information assurance projects that:
  • Create and maintain security policies and procedures
  • Establish and manage security operation centers
  • Conduct security control assessment and authorizations
  • Perform penetration testing
  • Establish continuous monitoring
  • Conduct disaster recovery and incident response tests and training
  • Assess, select and implement system security tools
  • Support and conduct system security audits
  • Create management reports on compliance
  • Track and respond to security threats as they emerge
  • Assess risks associated with emerging technologies
  • Conduct security and privacy awareness training
  • Conduct privacy threshold and impact analysis
  • Create and maintain security documents
  • Maintain knowledge sharing portals
  • Implement, maintain and operate workflow systems for system security tasks
  • Security engineering support for infrastructure and application development
  • Conduct security assessments and audits on data centers